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hola i'm sam i love taylor swift and alex sheathes this used to be a divergent blog and then a multifandom blog now i have no idea what it is &


Divergent Challenge | Day 12

Favorite Moment in Divergent: When Tris wakes Tobias up

 tied with Tobias’ fear landscape.

“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up. I’ve seen it. It’s fascinating.” 


i want a tobias eaton where can i order one

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Day 6: Dreamcast for Tobias

Max Irons


“Tobias,” I say. “I know you’re in there somewhere.” But if he was, he probably wouldn’t start toward me like he’s about to kill me for certain this time. My head throbs. I stand. “Tobias, please.” I am begging. I am pathetic. Tears make my face hot. “Please. See me.” He walks toward me, his movements dangerous, fast, powerful. The gun shakes in my hands. “Please see me, Tobias, please!” Even when he scowls, his eyes look thoughtful, and I remember how his mouth curled when he smiled. I can’t kill him. I am not sure if I love him; not sure if that’s why. But I am sure of what he would do if our positions were reversed. I am sure that nothing is worth killing him for.